• Young Presidents Fund

     We understand the unique challenges that come with investment management.



    YPF is a facility for

    individuals, families and institutions to gain investment exposure to Africa’s growth story and provide tangible returns for our investors.


    We bring proven expertise from accumulation and growth through

    preservation and distribution.


  • Our Vision

    To be the premier investment channel for individuals to invest in Africa. 


    Value-Oriented Investment



    Always seek to invest at attractive valuations relative to a target company’s growth potential.



    Hands-on Approach to Creating



    Leverage our local presence, experience and network to seek, monitor and drive investments.


    Leveraging Relationships and Local Knowledge



    YPF has relationships with local brokers and local knowledge of the market, business and opportunities.


    Investment Strategy

    and Management Process



    As investors, you will benefit from a collaborative relationship that addresses—and anticipates—your needs. We follow a rigorous and disciplined investment management process that provides a structured approach while allowing for careful customization as your unique needs and situation dictate.


    Quoted Securities



    Listed enterprises with strong fundamentals.



    Unquoted Securities



    Unlisted or OTC traded entities with lower visibility than in traditional markets.


    Alternative Investments



    REITS, real-estate, corporate bonds, government bills, and notes.


  • Why Africa?

    Africa’s robust growth is underpinned by its large and growing consumer class, increasing economic diversification, favorable demographics and accelerating urbanization.



    Dramatic increase in regional integration and intra-African trade driven by the private sector and supported by both regulatory and policy initiatives


  • Executive Profiles

    Faisal Jiwa


    Faisal brings over a decade’s worth of experience in financial planning and management, investment advisory, financial reporting and audit having international exposure in East Africa, Canada and the UK in equity advisory.


    Al Ismaili

    Al is a private investor in many sectors including real-estate and technology. His success builds off of 10 years of global experience, 7 years of which were in
    Africa, during which he founded a leading Africa-based SaaS software organization.

  • Connect With Us

    Kenya: +254 708 277 630

    Kenya: +254 734 572 118

    Toronto: +1 647 517 4784

    Unit #1,

    05 The Crescent Road,

    Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya.

  • Contact Us

    Please direct inquiries to contact@ypfafrica.com 

    or feel free top use the email form below.